" With our professional personal approach, we tailor our services to your specific needs. "

Why Choose us

Why Choose us

At Warr & Co we understand what is important to you, our professional unique approach sets us aside from our competitors.

Director point of contact

Its frustrating speaking to a junior team member that doesn’t understand your affairs. We don’t have managers or helpdesks, our team of directors are always accessible and on hand to deal with any queries.

Being in business on your own is not a lonely place with us, one of our directors will be your main point of contract who understands your situation and business.

Service levels

We are always on hand to take a call and we strive to answer all emails within 24 hours if not immediately!

Your accounts should be completed within two weeks and tax returns, payroll and other compliance dealt with efficiently and promptly.

No monthly charges

We believe that you shouldn’t be tied into monthly fees and you should be free to leave your agent if your unhappy.

We are confident that you will be happy with our service and actively encourage that you only pay us once we complete a particular task. With no exit fees and no questions, it’s a no brainier to not give us a try!

Our fees

Our fees are competitive and tailored to your particular requirements. We will always discuss our fees openly and frankly with you.

Typically an average client who would like us to complete accounts, tax, payroll, personal tax return and provide director support throughout the year would pay on average a fee of £79+vat per month.

Independent non-biased advice

We have no links with recruitment agencies and do not rely on them for client referrals. This means that if a difference of opinion ever arises between you and an agency, we are on your side 100%.

A face-to-face meeting

We believe that a face to face meeting is essential to understand your concerns, talk you through the basics, and provide you with information to help you run your business. We use plain English not technical jargon.

Tax advice

We will offer advice tailored to your personal circumstances. We consider that each of our clients is different and we reject a “one size fits all” approach. We will give guidance and advice on IR35 and we will help you structure remuneration and dividends so you can maximise your overall return within the structure of the law.

No get rich quick schemes

We will never assume that you want our help to hide income or avoid a legitimate tax liability. Nor will we ever recommend that you join an offshore tax avoidance scheme.

Tax enquiries

We appreciate that the prospect of an HMRC investigation is something that concerns most people in business. In reality, very few investigations are conducted by HMRC. But if it does happen to you, we are on hand to help and bring the investigation to a speedy conclusion. Furthermore, in almost all cases, our services in this area are provided free of charge (Terms and conditions apply).

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